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Our support is based on three key pillars.

  • Understand in order to act, with face-to-face and collective intelligence workshops such as the Climate Fresco for an initial overview, and the FICO to understand adaptation and mitigation on a regional scale.

    These 3-hour workshops are an excellent way of raising awareness among your teams, and provide simple access to first-rate scientific data.

  • We offer an analysis of your existing infrastructures and identify possible hardware and software reductions. (infra and workflow)

    We design tailor-made applications and websites, including all modern functionalities and design, while being more sober and sustainable.

    AI ChatBOT functionalities are also possible, to better contextualize the data present on your website.

  • Ideally, before or after your Bilan Carbone, we offer an in-depth analysis of your action plans and strategies in terms of taxonomies and impact reduction methods.

    By combining Artificial Intelligence with collective intelligence workshops, we develop autonomous AI agents specially designed to identify the best combinations to reduce pressure on resources and thus improve your extra-financial performance.

Because it's vital to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, by reassessing our economic models in the light of biodiversity and planetary limits.

Understood ?!

  • Companies
  • NGOs and associations
  • Local authorities
  • Design offices
  • Individuals (the service will soon be open to the public)

All those involved in a strong CSR approach, willing to train their staff on climate issues and to thoroughly review their working methods, as well as the way they use resources, can find specific advice tailored to their needs.

Our innovation, based on nature, has the potential of a...


( while respecting planetary limits and degrowth... )

In a world where sustainability has become a necessity, we use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help you discover the solutions hidden in your own data. Our technology is based on a simplified data ingestion stack that efficiently collects and processes information from a variety of sources. This data is then transformed into actionable information using Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques.

At the heart of our system are autonomous agents working in a network. Powered by machine learning, these agents analyze data, identify trends and generate insights. Their ability to cross-reference and adapt according to the information they uncover creates a dynamic, evolving learning system. It's as if each agent were an explorer, scouring the landscape of your data to uncover hidden treasures of information.

Our technical know-how enables us to transform your data into valuable, usable information. Using advanced classification techniques, we organize information in a way that makes it easier to understand. This enables us to identify patterns and trends that can aid decision-making.

Using Graph Neural Networks (GNN), we model the relationships between different entities. This enables us to understand complex interactions and predict future behavior. These relationships are visualized as knowledge graphs or mind maps, making information easily accessible and comprehensible.

Our technology enables us to carry out Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and evaluate the environmental impact of different actions. These analyses, combined with our data-driven insights, provide you with a clear overview of your sustainability actions.

You can not only understand the present of your data, but also anticipate its future. You get high-quality reports, intuitive visualizations and in-depth analyses that help you make informed decisions.