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Our vision

As a company with a mission, The Seed Ship's ambition is to offer the most sober digital tools possible for decision support.

Realistic, science-based and including nature-based solutions, our aim is to help reduce our impact on ecosystems and measure it.


Beyond collaboration and multidisciplinarity, we believe in stronger interactions between disciplines.
The solution we are working on is the result of this transdisciplinary reflection, and has gone through many iterations. It will evolve further with the exchanges necessary for its deployment with all the players in the field.

Sobriety & ethics

In all our actions, life-cycle analysis will be scrupulously evaluated in order to contain our impact as much as possible. Triple bottom line accounting, as well as any other means of evaluating activities in order to contain their carbon impact as much as possible, is implemented from the outset and will be made public.
The Bilan Carbone, a tool we have been trained to use, is becoming one of our direct management tools.
We are also actively committed to gender equality, inclusiveness and non-discrimination.


We are fully committed to devoting all the human and financial resources at our disposal to the development of our solution, without this conflicting with the above-mentioned values.
The Seed Ship's bylaws limit the sharing of any profits generated in order to facilitate the entry of investors, while promoting the improvement, accessibility and development of the solution.