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02 October 2022

Modifié le : 21 Nov, 2022 - 21:08

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Call for participation: tool to help create marine protected areas

02 October 2022

Modifié le : 21 November 2022

As part of the call for challenges of the Ocean hackathon piloted at the international level by the Campus Mondial de la Mer, the Toulon edition of which is organized by TVT innovation, our proposal for the establishment of a to the creation of marine protected areas has been accepted! 🙂

Indeed, 30% of protected areas, terrestrial and marine, by 2030, is the objective set by the UN in order to better preserve biodiversity.

From December 2 to 4, 2022 and during the 48 hours that this Hackathon lasts, we will study the implementation of a model based on the data provided and the cross-expertise of our team.

Multifactorial, this model will allow the identification of remarkable areas of biodiversity, and will make it possible to weight the various sources of data which will appear to us to be relevant. The carbon aspect, the LCA and the resilience of each indicator will be an integral part of the common thread of this method.

In order to promote exchanges and simplify the iterative tests of the model, we propose to integrate all the data with the Open Source mapping software, QGIS.
Allowing the integration and weighting of graphic data by layers and including a low-code oriented programming logic, this software, although quite advanced, remains relatively accessible, and meets our needs for this challenge.

We will then test these layers in 2 models:  EcoTroph and Captain Project in order to assess the predictive relevance and validity of our data.

To strengthen our initial team, we are therefore, in turn, launching a call for participation in order to broaden this reflection with the many actors and experts on the subject!
Whether you are an oceanographer, marine biologist, whether you know the interactions between marine / terrestrial coastal ecosystems, whether you are a fisherman, but also a user of QGIS software (without necessarily knowing marine environments, but wanting to learn more) R and Python devs, and that this project interests you JOIN US!

Understand: the Hackhaton will take place face-to-face in Toulon, but team members can be at a distance, and you won't have to do 48 hours in a row! 😉
If you are particularly motivated, you can of course join the core-team, (with however a limit of 8 people) but think that you could also help us for very specific exchanges during this weekend, in order to provide advice, feedback on a specific expertise, and challenge our models according to the angle of your expertise.
In this case, the participant limit does not apply!

You want to know more ? : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. specifying your first and last name, your telephone number, your proposed expertise and the time you could devote during this weekend to our discussions.
We will come back to you very quickly to prepare this great action as well as possible!
If you are in Toulon, you can also register directly and discover all the challenges on the official page.