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13 August 2023

Modifié le : 30 Oct, 2023 - 11:35

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Call for participation: Ocean Hackathon is back!

13 August 2023

Modifié le : 30 October 2023

Last year, we reached fifth place at the 7th edition of the Ocean Hackathon for our decision support tool project for Marine Protected Areas. In 48 hours we were able to assess the relevance of factors and model part of the Mediterranean with QGIS.

The organization, the coaches, the atmosphere everything was ultra motivating, and after having "infused" during 1 year of reflection and intense work, we are pleased to come back for this 8th edition!

From November 17 to 19, 2023 and during the 48 hours that this Hackathon lasts, we will study the implementation of a model based on the data provided and the cross-expertise of our team.

What do we want to achieve this year? We want to model the EcoAct method in order to assess more precisely the impacts of the action plans that will be proposed. The use of AI and classification ML models will help us achieve this project.

Our needs ?
For the technical part, master API calls via Python or Javascript, and data analysts mastering at least one of the ingestion tools, n8n, Mage, BuildShip.
Storage will potentially be to MySQL, Supabase, Pinecone, Weaviate or Redis.
For the analysis part, good notions of Prompt engineering and ecologists!

You want to know more ? : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. specifying your first and last name, your telephone number, your proposed expertise and the time you could devote during this weekend to our discussions.
We will come back to you very quickly to prepare this great action as well as possible!
If you are in Toulon, you can also register directly and discover all the challenges on the official page.